Neuroimaging methods development

Our lab is also involved in developing new techniques for the acquisition and processing of high-resolution structural and functional neuroimaging data. We work with MRI physicists, computational anatomists, and computer engineers to push the limits on existing technology to provide new and enhanced platforms for investigations. Developing the high-resolution msDTI methods above is one of these endeavors. In addition, we collaborate with other laboratories to develop new tools and techniques for image visualization and analysis. Some of our projects include techniques for regional alignment of fMRI data, volumetric analysis, analysis and tractography of diffusion imaging data and MRI image segmentation and atlas labeling.

These are some of our current areas of development

  • Ultrahigh-resolution structural MRI
    in collaboration with Craig Jones (KKI)
  • High angular resolution diffusion imaging (HARDI)
    in collaboration with Rene Vidal (JHU) and Ertan Cetingul (Siemens)
  • Regional alignment techniques (ROI-AL)
    in collaboration with Craig Stark (UC Irvine)
  • Longitudinal cortical thickness measurement
    in collaboration with Brian Avants (UPenn)
  • Multivariate image analysis and classification
    in collaboration with Francisco Pereira (Siemens)

If you are interested in any of our methodological development endeavors, please the PI, Mike Yassa